Fall garden report

Squirrels are evil.
I had some little green tomatoes but the furry little bastards keep grabbing them and eating them. I didn’t buy any blood meal to thwart them, so really it’s my fault. Next year, tomatoes in the front. They don’t seem to mess with the front yard produce.
The front yard has a good amount of Swiss Chard, arugula, and purselane going on as well as the herbs. These things dealt with last winter’s cold quite well. However I’ll probably try to get rid (ie eat) the front yard chard before it gets really cold.There are some beet seedlings that I’m not sure will be okay when it starts getting cold. And there is one little bean plant that looks like it may give me a little something.
I discovered the joy of beet greens kinda late in the year. They don’t give the same furry teeth feeling as the chard. I have more beets in the back yard, but I think I’ll make more of an effort next year and maybe try turnips.
And minus the weeds, the front yard is edible and doesn’t require a lot of work (once established). I do enjoy grabbing some herb or greens for dinner, but the same could be said of the container garden in the rear. The good thing about the plants being in ground is that I don’t have to water that much, as I tend to forget to water….

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