Construction and Renovation Safety pt2

Picking up from Part 1 we’ve had some problems, not a lot, but some in the area where there have been some construction related crimes. Not too long ago someone reported a break in on the TC discussion board at a house under construction.
Well here’s my experience and what I’ve heard from others.
Tell your contractor to protect his stuff
Before construction started on the house I told David, the contractor, that there had been some incidences of tools being stolen in the area from job sites. So David got these huge metal box lockers with big fat nasty looking chains that sat in the middle of the house for most of the renovation. The only thing that I know of that got stolen was a saw from another job they were doing on the block.
Be aware what permits do
A friend over in Bloomingdale who was having a major renovation in his basement and some minor-ish work in the main house woke to the sound of someone trying to beat down his door. It seems those permits you have to keep up attract some criminals. You can’t take them down so you just have to be aware that they advertise that the house is under construction.
Just because its heavy doesn’t mean it won’t get stolen
I’d been offered a replacement part for a broiler, but when the person offering went to retrieve said item it was gone. Nathan & BL had a nice fat radiator sitting on their back porch for the longest, but one day, it up and grew legs. Those radiator things are heavy, get 2-4 guys to lift it heavy. I’ve also been told of air conditioner whateverthingies (big heavy things that go on the roof) that was placed there by a crane, being stolen.
and lastly….
Beware of ladders
This endangers the safety of your house when it is not under construction. Tall ladders left around by construction guys and not locked or chained up can be used to break into other peoples houses. This will make you unpopular.

2 thoughts on “Construction and Renovation Safety pt2”

  1. I lifted a radiator by myself. Is that perhaps why NOBODY harasses me when I walk through the streets of DC?

  2. I can attest to the info about ladders. Several homes on 11th were undergoing renovations after a fire – a few yrs ago. I arrived home from work – parked my car in the rear as I normally do, except this evening, sure enough there’s an extended ladder propped up to the rear bedroom window. I’m not sure if I scared them off, or maybe the dogs, but they didn’t get in – thankfully.

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