Y’all mean

Because my usual Wednesday activity has been discontinued and because I don’t have a TV I wandered over to the ANC 2C Show. I don’t think my skin is thick enough to deal with a full fledged meeting, ’cause y’all mean. Not to be too Deanna Troi, but Captain, I sense hostility.
I say full fledged because Ms. Brooks appeared ill at the beginning of the meeting and the official meeting was adjourned sometime after the minutes (I believe, I can’t hear that well) were approved. What occurred after she and Mr. Thorpe left was a community meeting facilitated by Misters Chapple and Padro.
I guess one good thing was the leader of the Organization for Training Others in Need, Carole A. Mumin, wife of Ibrahim Mumin, addressed her grievance with Mr. Chapple and his reporting of the DC Auditors report. She stated that she erred in giving the auditor the wrong receipts, which resulted in a damning report. There were apologies, speeches and testimonials about the program.
Moving on.
There was something about a building on New York Ave. MVSQ has concerns. I wonder how realistic is it to move a brick building that isn’t stable. But I’m keeping my thoughts to myself.
Then lastly, there was Parcel 42 and the presentation was for a matter of right proposal. Matter of right, good, as for reasons I’m not entirely free to blog about, PUDs take for-ever. You can get married have kids and send those kids off to college before some PUDs get finished. Not so great, and I’m keeping my thoughts to myself, but the presenters were suggesting 100% affordable housing. Doesn’t the Susan Reitig House of Prayer building that’s up have affordable housing aspects? And then across 7th St there is a post-riot affordable housing building, which across 8th from that building another affordable housing structure, and across R Street from that a public housing. Then across R/Rhode Island from Parcel 42 is senior affordable housing. So short of the 7-11 that intersection would be a concentrated area of affordable housing if this plan was chosen. I’m no city planner, but isn’t this almost like concentrating poverty? And despite being structured to have retail or some commercial space on the first level the building on 7th and R (Lincoln-Westmoreland? Name escapes me now), there is little for profit business that I see. So something is wrong if pre-existing space is underperforming.
I’ll stick with the peace, love and happiness of 5C. I am gaining a greater appreciation for Jim Berry and his legacy of grace and being slow to anger.

4 thoughts on “Y’all mean”

  1. Thanks for coming out last night, Mari.

    The income levels for residents of the Parcel 42 developent will be higher than at Lincoln Westmoreland or the other buildings you mentioned. The parcel is being developed as an affordable rental building because the residences at Broadcast Center One were to be all condominiums, and the community wanted Parcel 42 to be rental to achieve balance.

    Re: ground floor retail, the Lincoln Westmoreland I highrise will be renovating the office spaces on the ground floor next year in order to rent them out for retail.

    –Hon. Alexander M. Padro
    Commissioner, ANC 2C01

  2. Doesn’t 100% affordable housing equal a housing project? And haven’t the last few decades taught us that this doesn’t work?

    100% affordable = bad
    MIXED income housing (perhaps 50% affordable) = good

  3. for the record, what is the difference between affordable housing and subsidized housing?

  4. Maybe it would help if someone pointed to a DC building that is currently standing, occupied and 100% affordable, so I can get a better sense of the differences.

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