This is how I can describe yesterday. Morning, hot. Lunchtime, hawt! After work, reasonably pleasant. The weather was welcoming enough that I spent some time in the backyard looking at my tomatoes, onions, purslane, spinach, mache, chard, and herbs.
The onions
I planted these bad boys in pots last fall and ignored them. An amazing thing happens when you ignore your onions, and aren’t constantly picking them, they get bulbs. I’ve collected a dozen small white onions and used them in cooking.
This year the squirrels obviously found another food source and allowed my tomatoes to ripen on the vine. Last year I would find 1/2 eaten green tomatoes littered all over the place because the tree rats lost their mulberry tree and decided to make dinner out of my unripened fruit. I’ve had at least two tomatoes ripen, untouched.
I’m also happy that despite being ignored and only watered to the point of wilting, they have produced. Well, now that I’m watering them more often. During the renovation they were hard if not impossible to water as the water to the house was cut off and ‘somebody’ had raided the water barrel’s water.
I’ve talked about my purslane hunt and well there is nothing really exciting about growing mache and spinach in a pot. Throw in seeds. Watch them grow.

Despite not being able to take advantage of Spring I think I’ve done alright for myself and my little garden.

The idea of the edible front yard lives on. I’m wondering if I should put some of the purslane in the front. But that also means, in the ground. Something I should really not do with something considered a weed. Yet, then again, I have peppermint, a weed, growing in the ground. Probably somewhere oregano is a weed. It grows like one, and it too is in the front yard. So maybe I’ll add some purslane, unless someone talks me out of it.

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  1. I have noticed an edible front yard that will knock your socks off. It is right at the corner of Sherman and Lamont Sts NW, on the north side of Lamont Street. Curb lawn is full of lovely lettuce — just a gorgeous salad waiting to happen!

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