Review of Jimbo’s OMG party and Guyness

I came and I stayed until my voice started going hoarse and my natural dislike for crowded spaces kicked in. The chopped shrimp asian salad on a cucumber finger food was delish. And I had some decent conversations with people other than Jimbo. Of course, it is always nice to talk to Jimbo.
One topic between Jim and I was guyness. Guy-ness has been on my mind since one young gay man made a remark to me that a gay roommate was equal to a female roommate. Ah, no. A gay man, still a guy.
For one you got the toilet seat. Jimbo and I debated the question of up or down. Jim claims men are doing women a favor by leaving the seat up. I say no, put the seat down. Jim countered with the problem of aim and waste liquids hitting the seat. The seat being up wasn’t a problem when I was staying at Scott & Matt’s because its their house, and they could have the seat up. But every so often I would experience this small disorientation when encountering a lifted seat. I got over it. Besides I’m back where if I walk into a dark bathroom there is a 99.99% chance the seat is down.
Another test of guyness is the girlie baby-shower. Jimbo failed to endure a full blown baby-shower. I think he said it was the moment where participants had to guess the circumference of the mother’s abdomen, he left. Maybe that was too close to the trick question many a woman has presented to a man, ‘Am I fat?’