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There wasn’t any at this Sunday’s Bloomingdale farmers market, but they had some last week and I love the stuff. I’ve had it twice now. Make a dressing of olive oil, lots of freshly chopped garlic and line juice, delish!
I like it so much so that I looked on line to find out how to grow it myself as I also discovered it has a crappy shelf life. After about 4 days in the fridge it begins to fall apart. Well, I discovered it was a weed. And then that same day I noticed it growing between the bricks in Georgetown.
Later in the week I began to notice it growing in Shaw. Never noticed it before, because it is, you know, a weed. So this Saturday I went on a purslane hunt. Found a mess of them growing on a notorious drug dealing corner. I developed a theory, but that was struck down when I also noticed it growing in front of the houses of various upstanding citizens.
I don’t plan to eat what I grabbed. I just want to get the rootstock, get them growing in pots, cut away the old growth and dine on the new. Until then I await the salad guys to bring in more purslane.

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  1. I knew purslaine was a weed, but didn’t know it was edible!

    I have tried a number of plants that naturalist/herbalist books here or there said were good for teas, salad additives, etc., and found that you’re not missing much in the wild world of weed eating. They usually taste blecky. I hate to say it, but romaine and iceberg are just fine with me.

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