Renovation 2007: Good news, Bad news

Okay first the bad news. Whilst chatting with the contractor about tile, he mentioned with happiness and glee that my house should be completely white because they put the primer down.

Me: Oh, okay. Except that one wall upstairs in the bedroom?
Contractor: Oh, sh*t.

Then he quickly got off the phone to see if he could stop the painters. Alas, he was too late.
I know everyone and their grandma has the red brick exposed in all of its red brick glory. I wanted to be different but then thought, it might be nice to leave one wall unpainted. So much for that idea.
When we got back in contact with each other he then mentioned maybe I could paint my walls this weekend. Huh? Wha? Paint? Now? So some of you, my dear, dear, friends, have received an email calling for a paint crew. I know I will need people next weekend, as I still haven’t settled on a tile still and was planning on picking a tile this week. The contractor would like me to paint before the carpet goes in, and it would be even better if I could get to it before the wood floor comes back (HA!). I haven’t picked out a paint color for any part of the house, except the brick wall, which will be a white egg-shell or semi-gloss. Worse yet, I want to use a low voc paint, and honestly I know of two places in car-accessible Maryland where I can get it. Please if anyone knows where I can get metro-accessible eco-friendly paint inside the city that can customize the color, tell me.
The good news? As soon as the tile goes in, the toilet goes in, and I get closer to moving back into my house.

6 thoughts on “Renovation 2007: Good news, Bad news”

  1. Hey Mari. Your renovation is going at lighting speed. I would like to volunteer for your painting crew. Can you believe that its been a year since I bought my place? email me ttoilleesirec at comcast dot com.

  2. omg upon rereading this post i now realize its why i used “whilst” in not one but two emails today!

  3. cerise- I’m sorry but your email bounced. Please contact me directly at mari at inshaw dot com.

    Abby- I did go to Monarch paints the only negative is darker paints are not available.

  4. Duron also has low VOC paint (their Genesis line). They can customize it to any color you want. Of course there are a ton of them around, including the big one on 14th.

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