Is this your SUV?

This SUV has been sitting on the 100-200 block of Q St NW for a week now. Your back window has been busted and the glass is still in the road. There is a temporary tag on it. Please tape up your back window or I’m reporting it as a possibly stolen vehicle.

3 thoughts on “Is this your SUV?”

  1. Report it and have it removed! We’ve had a car with Maryland dealer tags on our street for a week too… a beat-up 1990s Acura with over $700 in tickets.

    On the flipside… maybe the car’s owner just got really mad because someone busted their rear window and decided to buy anew.

  2. Seriously, report it — when we had our place broken into (while we were asleep, dammit!) and they made off with my purse, my keys and my car, we reported it stolen — but it was actually sitting on 1st and T or something, collecting parking ticket after parking ticket for 8 weeks, and I found out only once I got overdue payment notices — for tickets that began piling up the day *after* my car had been stolen. The parking enforcement folks and the metro PD do *not* communicate.

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