Renovation 2007: Whoo, hoo, drywall and insulation

I went back to the house Monday to pick up an ingredient from the kitchen* and noticed there was something a little different. Hey, insulation! Work continues, despite waiting on the plumbing inspector. The electrical inspection was fine so there was no need to keep the wires exposed, however I noticed that the piping for plumbing was still visible.
So there looks like R-15 insulation along the problem party wall. So hopefully that will deal with any exotic smells and noise. When I ventured upstairs to see if they did anything up there, I saw the crawlspace with insulation, and lots of drywall in place.
It is now amazing to see the rooms with drywall . I can see how small the 2nd bedroom/ study/ walk-in closet/ whatever is going to be. I had planned to have made it smaller, and I’m glad my contractor convinced me otherwise.
This project is moving along quite quickly. Well, it has been going in fits and starts. Last week was a lot of nothing, waiting on the inspector and letting the plumber do his thing. At some point I’ll be getting my pine floor back. It will need to be sanded, so another layer of dust on top of the dust that already covered the kitchen.

*Almost everything is covered in a thick layer of dust or dirt in the one room I thought they wouldn’t need to touch.

5 thoughts on “Renovation 2007: Whoo, hoo, drywall and insulation”

  1. Does anyone recall the name of the hardware store that was mentioned on the blog, which sells sand and lime mortar?


  2. I got my sand and lime mortar from Fragers on Capitol Hill (on PA Ave SE). The maker of it is Virginia Lime Works. You can’t get it at Home Depot.


  3. It is great to come home in the evening, walk through the house and check progress. It is amazing how much a professional can accomplish in one day (but a word to the wise! They’ll drink any beer you’ve left behind.)

    It is also a blessing when you discover that someone you volunteer with has a side business as a handyman, plumber, floor finisher, and hauler.

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