3 years for a tree

About 2-3 years ago the tree in front of my house died. The first year, I wasn’t sure it died but put a request in to have it ‘taken care of’ by the city. The leaves had fallen before all the other trees, and all the leaves kind of dropped at once. Well the city did nothing that first year. The second year, it was dead. It didn’t come back. No leaves. Nothing. I updated the request I had with the city from last year, saying it was most definitely dead. Nothing. Then I started complaining to then ANC Jim Berry, and making some commentary at the BACA meetings about it.
As Winter came the bark from the tree began to fall off in huge chunks and revealed big cracks in the tree, about 1/4 of an inch wide. The way the cracks formed and the way the tree was shaped, I could see a huge limb falling on one of the parked cars or worse the tree falling on my house.
Well yesterday, strolling by the house I discovered the tree is now gone. Yay! Took the City nearly three years to get it gone, but now it is gone. No one is in danger of having it fall on them. Also another dead tree on the block is gone too. Yay.

4 thoughts on “3 years for a tree”

  1. did they actually grind the stump? If not, they will have to do that before a new one can be planted (which they probably wont do properly 🙂

  2. mari,

    looks like the UFA is really hauling ass on this tree maintenance thing (finally!). they took out at least 4 dead (or mostly dead) trees on my block (100 seaton), and it looks like they’ve ground at least the stump in front of my house. why they left one small dead tree in the middle of the block, though, i have no idea.

    at least they’re moving forward. the big thing will be to see when/if they replace these with new trees. we did get 4 new ones last fall to fill in gaps, and they’re all looking rather healthy now!

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