You know, walls you plan to tear down are great for drawing large stick figures on. Yet, I’m not one for great graffiti. I have one single stick figure reminding me to clean out the fridge and call my grandma. A friend came by and wrote “Happy Easter” on another wall. I would invite others to draw on my walls but I’m afraid someone would go for one the the walls that isn’t getting torn down.

Also I heard about the anti-crime church march thing that happened this past weekend. Obama (invited guest) did not show. Noticed it was not covered at all by the Post, but the Post tends to pick and choose, and thus is not the best for local news.

Passed by the Big Bear Cafe. Not open yet. Inside looks very promising, there are some chairs and tables. Very promising.

Before I pass out and go to bed, my personal and completely flawed BACA meeting notes are up at This meeting, never happened. User: Thismeeting Pwd:Neverhappened and no I will not email this to you. Note that I’m in a slightly grumpy mood. Someone [me] needs a nap.