Renovation 2007: 3/4 bath bites the dust

Joists- Front of house
Originally uploaded by In Shaw.

In my renovation plans and drawings I’d planned to put in a shower. Well that’s bit the dust.
Mainly because I’m really concerned about keeping the costs down and all these hidden surprises cost money to address. The new find, located under what was my main bathroom floor, joists that were seriously gouged. One of the joists looked as if there was just 1 inch of wood keeping it together.
So, I’ve decided is to keep enough space, in what was to be the 3/4 baths, to put in a shower later. Yes, I know I will save money by putting it in now. However, in the here and now where I only have X amount of dollars and when I run out of X amount, that’s it. No 3rd mortgage. No selling of the kidneys. So I’m cutting out the shower and before this is over I’m sure it won’t be the only thing cut out of the plans.