Renovation 2007: Resale repeated

I’ve heard ‘resale value’ so many times now that I want to make a drinking game out of it, if it weren’t so disrespectful of those speaking, who I know mean well. I have gotten so good pointers and have been challenged, in a good way. But still there is that value that I keeps getting repeated that just seems to undermine my status as a homeowner. Every time someone says something about resale I take it as “hey you are just a renter with a mortgage.”
One of the joys I looked forward to as a homeowner is the possibility of customizing the house to me(without violating any major laws or codes). That drywall, I can tear that out. You know why? ‘Cause I own it. So now I’m all prepped to customize a good portion of the house based on my wants and desires and (most important) budget and I’m supposed to think about some future buyer. The house was designed by crackheads, they didn’t give a rat’s ass about me, why extend the same? What I will do for future owners is do my best to make sure the house is structurally sound. That’s it.
I don’t care about the money. I have too much equity. Because of my income I can only tap into part of the equity. I’d have to sell the house to get the rest. And that is as the house exists now, with no air conditioning, a busted boiler, crappy carpeting, warped floors, and crackadelic design.
One sin against the creed of resale I’m planning is getting rid of the closet in one of the bedrooms. I’ve heard that a bedroom needs to have a closet to legally be called a bedroom. Ok. Stick an armoire in it.
There were a couple anti-resale moves I considered, but decided that the generic solution could be worked around or was more economical. At some point I did play with the idea of not having a single tub in the house and just have a really cool shower. Then I also looked at ductless AC. Decided that if the ducts are on one side the house they can get camouflaged with a certain decorative idea I might do if I can afford it.

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  1. We’ve had the same experience meeting with contractors about an addition to our house. I think the reflex is trained into them by so many short-timers and flippers buying in DC.

  2. great post! hysterical! me too, I’ve heard “the next owner may want a plasma tv over the fireplace.” I prefer your decision to personalize the house! In DC, the bamboo floors and stainless steel kitchens really seem soul-less after you’ve seen too many of them. I mentioned “crackhead design” to my contractor, and he got a quizzical look. Apparently it is not an actual school of architecture that they study on the way to becoming contractors. So I said, “It’s like remuddling” and he understood. But, is this especially prevalent in DC?

  3. I thought Anon. posts weren’t allowed(?)

    Anyway… I wish I had a new high-output hot water heater. They’re more energy efficient than the old tank models; with which you basically pay to keep a big quanity of water toasty warm until you need it.

    The new models produce hot water on demand, and take up considerably less space than the old kind.

    Beware the HVAC contactor who wants to put your outdoor heat exchanger on your roof. Many of my neighbors have that set-up, and it vibrates their roofs and is slowly damaging their roofing materials with the vibrations. Put it on solid ground, in your back yard, where you can see it and keep it clear of debris.


  4. Anon post now gone bye bye.
    Stoma, tell me more of this water heater. Is it tankless? Maker, model, also would be nice to know.

  5. Bosch tankless hot water heater. High-end, industrial grade engineering for the homeowner.

    Come to think of it, you can probably get a $300 federal tax credit if you install one. The gum-mint likes them because they are so very energy efficient.

    The “Bosch AquaStar 125HX Whole House Gas Tankless Water Heater” qualifies for the credit, runs about $600, takes up ALOT less room than a traditional hot water heater (HWH), will save you money every day of the year over a traditional HWH, *and* you’ll have a continuous supply of hot water. You’ll never run out.

    Consider some of the more expensive models too. (again, I don’t have one, but when my current HWH dies, I’m replacing it with a Bosch.)

    – Stoma

  6. oh and dc has a new grant out for solar and wind generation systems. they will pay up to half the cost UP FRONT for solar panels.

  7. let’s talk about maximizing what little space exists by knocking out closets. i’m about to destroy the closets in both of my super tiny bedrooms, only because the presence of the closet makes it impossible to put a bed in the room. how oxymoronic is that a closet makes your room a bedroom, but with the closet, you can’t sleep in the place? you have my full and total support for destroying the closet. meanwhile, i have to take up my entire bathroom floor, since the retarded previous owners used CONCRETE instead of grout to put down the tiles. thanks, nutjobs.

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