Living close to work

I was so proud of myself.
I biked to work, early enough to get out before some of the more annoying drivers hit the road. I could see the Capitol building as I biked down New Jersey Avenue, and it dissappeared and reappeared behind the buildings as I wandered in the direction of Judicary Square. Note that I was on the one speed ugly bike, the one that I can bike in a skirt in, so not having to deal with heavy traffic is a goal.
So I get to work in about 15ish minutes. I lock up the bike and head towards work reaching for my badge. No badge. I forgot it and I could picture where it was sitting. While I padded myself hoping that I might have misplaced it in a pocket, I pondered working without it. Unfortunately, I have to deal with 3 layers of security (human, mechanical and electronic) to get any work done and all the methods to get through those layers were back home. I could wear the temporary badge of shame and get an electronic pass but to chase down all that down would take just as long to bike back home and get my stupid badge.
This was the slight upside of living close to work. Of course the better upside is that my biking commute is about 15-20 minutes, a vast improvement over the 45 mins -1.5 hour commute I had previously.

One thought on “Living close to work”

  1. Used to have the same problem. Digging to the bottom of my Timbuk2 messenger pack pulling things (lunch, bike/gym gear, etc.) out on the bldg lobby floor as colleagues passed by and smiled pityingly. Wearing it on my belt, suit/shirt pocket was never an option since I dislike all accessories — other than the tribal bone through my nostrils. :|>

    So I keep the badge in my wallet. Never seem to forget that — it’s big and I usually keep in an easily accessible pocket inside my bag. + it just looks cool when I flip it out displayed opposite my passport.

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