Taking a break

It’s the start of the season when people ain’t around and I got take in folks’ mail because the Post Office is hit or miss and the Washington Post doesn’t always remember what days not to to deliver the paper. Lucky me I have family in the area, and I volunteered to host the Thanksgiving dinner. Mainly, so I won’t have to deal with this next year (the location circulates btwn relatives). So I am going to take a wee little break from the posting this week.
I’ll be back to blogging (but physically, not going anywhere) Monday. Then I may chat about ANCs, buildings that need to be torn down the 1st chance you get, metro, old houses, the 1900 census, and maybe tackle the most sacred season in all of Capitalism, Black Friday to the After Christmas Sales.
Drive, cycle, metro and walk safely.

2 thoughts on “Taking a break”

  1. I have a potential topic for Monday when you blog again. What about actions that can be taken to get our library on Rhode Island re-opened? If there is already a plan, then why is it taking so long?? Just a thought. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Better question is what is the plan to get the current prison-replica library demolished and replaced with a mixed-use building with residential on upper floors and modern library on bottom floor subsidized by developer of said top floors?

    Considering the plan is to create a pocket of concentrated extreme poverty on the corner of 7th and RI maybe we can offset this with some market rate…

    2nd st

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