The Lord gives and the Lord takes away

Now since seeing the Loose Lips City Paper article about Mr. Leroy Thorpe’s reaction to the election results I feel okay about announcing the winner….. Angela. I want to thank all who participated in the contest and may you be happy with the ANC you got.
I was surprised by the article that Thorpe spoke with a reporter. I was a tad bit worried with the closeness of the race he might put up a stink, but no. According to the article Thorpe kept repeating, “Allah giveth and he taketh away, and I accept whatever Allah does.”

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  1. To clarify, LT was accepting his loss (I think & hope) as devine will. All the other crap during his tenure, pretty much hinged on race, not so much religon. It’s all about race, the old (and possibly still current) politics of DC where white people are always evil and keeping black folks down.
    Maybe now that he doesn’t have to go around denouncing whites and newcommers as ANC he can chill out a bit. And be that guy some of his white supporters pointed to the LT that speaks rationally and calmly and at times humbly. Maybe the LT who harrasses and screams at people on the street will give way to a laid back LT who will wave or completly ignore you (either one is fine).

  2. One of those absentee ballots is mine, and I can promise everybody that at least one of the absentee ballots was cast for Kevin Chapple.

    I thought it was funny what LT said about Allah giving and taking away – I always thought it was the voters, not a deity, who determine election results.

  3. Given how so many of the Little Tyrant’s supporters are so paranoid about The White Man’s manipulations, I’d be surprised that many of them trusted absentee ballots, the US mail or any other delivery method aside from casting their ballots by hand (avoiding of course the electronic ballots at all cost in fear that those computers might somehow be connected to the crack cocaine laced internet).

    Regardless, there will no doubt be deafening cries for a trendy recount if LT loses. Keep those iPod! & headphones handy….

  4. Does DCGAL/Angela have to give her prize back if there is a recount and LT eventually wins or was the prize just based on the Nov. 8 results?

    Seems that Kev’s 26 absentee votes weren’t enough to match LT’s 39(!)…

    DC BOEE will have a meeting tomorrow, Tues. 11/21, at 10am, at 441 4th St NW, Ste. 280, to discuss the possibility of a recount for the ANC 2C02 race as well as (5-10) other ANC races in which there were similarly small vote splits. The meeting is open to the public.

  5. Kevin Chapple’s ANC 2C02 victory, along with that of other successful DC candidates, was confirmed and read into the official election record by Alice P Miller, Executive Director, DC BOEE, at 11:15 am this morning, 11/21/2006.

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