Preliminary Election Results

I’m feeling icky and going to bed but before I do:
2c01 Alex Padro w 70%
2C02 kevin Chapple w 51% (still maybe a little too close)
2C03 Doris Brooks w 68%
2C04 Barbra Curtis w 55%
5C01 Anita Barnes w 90%
5C02 Kris Hammond w 54% (close)
5C03 Stu Big Bear Davenport w ‘open the g-dmn coffee shop 53%
5C04 John sallati w 69%
5C06 Mary Allen w 47%

Night night.

5 thoughts on “Preliminary Election Results”

  1. Unofficial results are posted at on the top right side of the page. Please note that these results do NOT include absentee ballots. The final count, including absentee ballots, will be released on Friday, Nov. 17.

  2. Very exciting! Congrats to the winners (assuming absentee ballots do not change results posted so far).

    I, for one, welcome our new ANC commissioners.

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