Big Day Tomorrow

Okay it is all leading up to Tuesday, so vote. I have my preferences, but the important thing is that you get out and do your job as citizens of one of the greatest democracies in the world (200 years and counting). If new blood does not reign and seize the day, then we must accept that our fellow citizens have other things in minds for their own private reason and we can later look at the data and try to figure out what the community as a whole is saying. If new blood does come in and revive the body politic (is that the word I want?) it will be an exciting day that hopefully usher in the businesses and services desired.
Whomever you decide to vote for, Nov 7th, vote.

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  1. For those of you who have not made up your mind about tomorrow’s ANC election, I’d like to draw your attention to the last audit of ANC 2C, dated September 28, 2005, in which several questionable issues are raised. It can be found on the web-site of the DC Auditor’s Office. The link to the site is:

    Examples of some irregularities uncovered are:

    1. For the audit period under review, the ANC approved 19 grants; 10 of the 19 grant applications were filled out by the Chairman. (p.9) The Auditor concluded, “In the future, to avoid the appearance of impropriety, the Chairperson and any other ANC Commissioner should never complete, in full or in part, a grant request application for a respective grantee of the Commission.”

    2. The ANC spent over $7,300 purchasing computers for three
    neighborhood groups (East Central Civic Association, “Rhode Island thru P Street Neighborhood Association” and Cope, Inc.) to “communicate with the DC
    government.” (p.9)

    3. The ANC gave more than half of its funds, nearly $18,000, to a handful of organizations (“Rhode Island Thru P Street Neighborhood Association”, East Central Civic Association, Sursum Corda (which is not even in our ANC)) for iron tree boxes (p.7). Other worthwhile projects received pennies.

    4. Nearly half of the grant recipients never filled out the required Statement of Use and receipts showing that they actually spent the money for the purposes it was allocated. (p.10).

    5. The ANC forfeited nearly $14,000 because of its inability to approve quarterly reports because the commissioners could not work together and consistently deadlocked. Half of the quarterly reports were not approved at public meetings as required by ANC law. (p.11).

    6. The Auditor’s Office recommended that the ANC prepare an annual spending plan budget. (p.13)

    The ANC has grossly mismanaged the finances of the Commission. Many of the same Commission members mismanaging the ANC are up for re-election. They have shown an inability to self correct. It is up to the electorate to correct them. I urge every resident of ANC 2C to go to the polls tomorrow, Tuesday, and vote for change. Vote for:


  2. We haven’t heard from Mr Thorpe’s supporters in some time now. Luckily, this message was forwarded to me this afternoon and I think those who have been in the dark need to hear what and how Mr Thorpe’s supporters “think.” I have the original email to confirm this if there is any doubt about the authenticity of this exchange. Most people won’t need to read beyond the first graph from the Thorpe supporter.

    This is what the bile that Mr Thorpe spouts inspires among his base. After tomorrow, we need to help them see that there’s a nicer way to live together. Needless to say, none of Mr Thorpe’s comments below are grounded in reality.
    — YT

    —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2006 4:40 PM
    Thank you. Sounds like fun!
    I hope his “lawyers” are smarter than he is.

    —– Original Message —–
    Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 10:41 AM

    Greetings –
    I found out who HALT is and the creation of it’s website. allegedly [X] …. He was allegedly seen by a neighbor on 10/23/06 at 7:20 AM passing out the blue flyers in the 150 Block of 5th Street, NW with two white males. I have a meeting with a lawyer next week. Those folks are desperate.

    Thorpe supporter:
    In a message dated 11/6/06 3:45:53 PM,

    Whomever you are, I don’t appreciate you sending me negative and false accusations. You made a statement that you hope his lawyers are smarter than Mr. Thorpe is. Well when is the last time you and Mr. Chapple did anything for the community. What can you say that you did beside allow the white man to manipulate you?

    Common sense would tell you that the white folks are using all of you black folks. These people care less about you. They want Mr. Chapple to get in office so they can take control of the community. Then in the next two years they will get rid of him and put the white folks in. It’s a sad thing when blacks can’t support their people.

    Mr. Thorpe has proven him self. Because he doesn’t kiss up to people and express himself the way you or the white man wants him to think, does not mean he is wrong or dumb. When is the last time you closed down 56 crack houses and hosted more than 142 Anti Drug Marches and fight for people to keep their homes? When is the last time you patrol the area with the police to get these Drug Dealers off the street? When have you single handed did anything to improve the community?

    This man has done nothing but good in the community. Sure he may come off strong, but he is a good person. He will not take the mess off the blacks or white.

    I get so tied of people thinking you know best for the community and just moved in it. We have fought alone to clean up this area, where were your white friends then. They come in this area after this man may it safe enough for others to move in.

    One thing, he’s not a liar, he’s strong and doesn’t take one thing off of anyone. He loves the community and regardless of what you say about him, he will continue to work for the community, with or without your help.

    The white man doesn’t like him because he has too much power. When a black man has power, they will do anything to take it away. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but the white man had this plan to take away from us along time. And all we do is allow it to continue to happen.

    If you and Mr. Chapple mean any good, you would be out in the community, instead of having secret meeting that only invite some. You are stupid because you have allowed this to happen.

    All the things that are going on is a plan to get rid of our race, and with people like you who don’t think about what is going on just what is making you happy is our biggest problem.

    I feel sorry for all of you who jump sides because of the white man. Before you judge anyone, think about yourself.

    If you don’t know the truth about this man, then ask. The accusations that you are making are false. He may not respond the way you feel he should, but he is a good man. Say what you know, not what you hear or think you know.

  3. I’m white, and I keep waiting for other white people to give me a copy of “The Plan”. I keep hearing about The Plan, of which I am supposedly a part. However, I feel disenfranchised because no one has given me a copy of The Plan yet!

    Fellow white folk; please, tell me where I can get a copy of The Plan!?

  4. Man, can’t white people get anything done? They’ve had this Plan for 30 years now and DC is still a majority-black city with a history of six African American mayors and countless other civic leaders. Maybe if the Asians had a plan it would be more efficient.

    Hope y’all realize that’s sarcasm.


  5. There must be several “Plan”s floating around because I thought the plan to bring us down was to glorify black people selling poison to other black people, as well as black people shooting a lot of other black people, including black children, degrading black womanhood by making b!tch and ho synonyms for her, undermining the black family by weakening the role of black men and convincing men they weren’t needed as a part of the family, and a few other self destructive attitudes and actions.
    That Plan is working a whole lot better than the other Plans. Because the genius of the plan is that it requires no major work on the part of the perceived/real enemy. The weeds have already been sown in the vinyard and are choking the harvest.

  6. Joke Time:

    The only plan I am aware of is the “gay agenda”. You can get a copy from Be Bar when you order two apple martinis. Ha.

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