Bike Handle on Richardson

Bike Handle
Originally uploaded by In Shaw.

Well now I got myself one of them thar flickr accounts I guess I can post more because I’ve take a lot of pictures around the hood. Anyways, this is what the road of Richardson Place, NW looks like. I just like the picture.

8 thoughts on “Bike Handle on Richardson”

  1. Would you believe it is from the camera in my Palm Zire 72? It’s for crap when it comes to detail, and in poorly lit places but occassionally it shoots out a good pix.

  2. oh….
    DC Blogs posted a a link to a story I wrote about my camera being snatched by someone as I was taking random photos around the city

    check it out
    there may be something to learn there

    delete or run?

  3. Zilla,
    Yeah I saw that post.
    I typically try to avoid people in my pix. The Zire camera does not like movement and dang it people move too much.
    The Zire goes into the pocket very quicky after many pictures. Also no flash, so most of the time these things do go unnoticed by most. Except that time the local dealers noticed, but I was already peddling away by then.

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