Lawnmower man

There are several lawnmower men to keep an eye out for in Shaw. Bicycle lawnmower man, wheelchair lawnmower man and regular lawnmower man. Bicycle lawnmower man drags his lawnmower behind his bike. Same as wheelchair lawnmower man, who has his mower attached to his wheelchair that he slowly wanders around in. And well regular lawnmower man needs no explanation.
Don’t use bicycle lawnmower man or at least don’t pay him in advance, as he failed to do a job one of my neighbors paid him to do.
I have used wheelchair lawnmower man, whose name is Jack. He doesn’t move fast and is easy to catch up with. I have decided to use him because he charged me $3 to cut may lawn. My lawn is horribily small. There are area rugs larger than my front yard. Others have come by and offered to cut my yard at $5. At that rate I could do it myself, by hand, with scissors. But Jack’s rate was hard to pass up.
Anyway he does a good job and I’d recommend him if you need someone to cut your small pitiful yard. He’ll bag up the clippings if you give him a garbage bag. So here I will reprint the flyer he gave to me:

I do Front and back yards- Jack is my name cutting grass is my game……
Called me and I will come by (Jack) Howard Jackson phone number (202) 329-3966
LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN “Alway” do a very good job

I left in the misspellings.

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  1. hi im in a wheelchair and would love to mow my lawn. could you tell me how this guy attaches a mower to his chair? thanks chris

  2. Well wheelchair lawnmower man is not wheelchair bound. He just had his lawnmower attached to his wheelchair as he went around the neighborhood. When he found a job he would move to the crutches on the side of his chair and then with those get his lawnmower unattached and then lean on the lawnmower for support. So he didn’t mow while in the chair.

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