Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?

…whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

My roommate ventured out the house to grab some groceries with the Flexcar. She had invited me but I was in hair rollers and it was against my religion to been seen in such a state so I passed. A few moments after she locked the door behind her I heard the loud screech of car tires, then a few more. Then some other ruckus, so in near defiance of my faith, risking being seen with pink and green curlers, I opened the front door to see two cops chasing down a guy on foot, screaming “Stop Motherfycker, stop motherfucher*.” I then look for my roommate and the Flexcar hoping she got out before all this went down. I’m looking for the white Honda normally parked at the Shaw/Howard station. I don’t see it and assume she made it out, until I turn my head to see a cop who has secured and blocked one end of the street. My roommate had picked up a darker car and was standing with the car door open. She yells to the cop “I live right there (pointing to the house), can I just go right in?” and she high tails it back into the house with me holding the door wide open. She was seriously scared.

COPS- In Shaw. A bit too close for comfort.

* please note I don’t use profanity when speaking and at times I feel odd typing it.