Legal Day @ Inshaw

In celebration of the DC Courts finally getting their own website, and not being a forgotten corner of the DC Bar’s website, it’s legal day at In Shaw.

The DC Court’s website is very informative, compared to what they previously had, which was nothing. There are forms and instructions on line. They also have operating status, which is useful should it snow, sleet, hail, become code tangerine or something like that. Forms of interest are small claims and the Real Estate foreclosures. It runs a little slow.

Now armed with the tools to sue, be sued and take legal action at less than $200 an hour, I redirect you to NOLO. Particularly, the neighbors and pets section of the site. Click the Auntie Nolo section to see the questions and answers regarding fences, noise, what have you.

You can also see some of the DC Laws on line to find out if certain things are applicable to your situation. Westlaw hosts the DC Code and there is a section in the code about property laws. Your best bet, however, is with the search function, even that might be hit or miss.