Jim Berry RAWKS! & Shout outs

Jim Berry is the ANC commissioner for the single member district of 5C01 region of 5C of Ward 5. And really you couldn’t pay me enough money to do what this man does. Really, not even a billion dollars.  Apparently many in 5C01 feel that way because according to my neighbor, he’s not opposed in this year’s elections.  Not even a BILLION dollars. Angry citizens who believe their part is just to call and complain, tons of meetings, personal life? Nope.

Yet if I were in 2C02, that would be another matter. On the other side of New Jersey Ave you have Mr. Leroy Thorpe who people either love or hate. If you are white or gay or both he is not your friend. Or even if you are new, young and middle class, he might not be your friend either as related to me by a resident who attended a neighborhood meeting where she was unwelcomed and then later had a shouting match with Mr. Thorpe in the street. He has his fans, long-time Black residents who see the new residents as invaders.

Anyways shout out to the two folks who e-mailed In Shaw. BB yes, $500K is a lot for peace house and Carola S. thanks now I will say there are 10 to 15 people who read this blog, as opposed to the 5-10 I know.