Alley sign

Last night, while my neighbors were entertaining guests on the patio I wandered out onto mine to… I forget, dump trash in the big green bin? Anywho I get out there and though parts of the fence I noticed the alley cleaning man has taped up a sign.

At this time it is dark and the only light is from my back porch. So with the comfort of knowing there are 2-3 men sipping wine on the next patio to save me (ok maybe not)/call 9-1-1 should I come to harm, I wander out into the dark alley.


Now alley cleaning man normally leaves little paper signs in the alley typically saying “NO DUMPING” which gets washed away with the next rain. But this sign was different, and I was the only one with it. I checked ’cause wine sipping Brett asked. I checked his fence and everyone elses, no one else had this sign. Of course there is a big green trash bin opposite my property in the alley. But it is not mine. I don’t know whose it is. I was thinking of getting the contents dumped and taking it, ’cause it don’t belong in the alley and anything left on public property is fair game.

Now tiffed at the sign on my fence, I wrote back. I don’t remember the exact words but they went along the lines of: To whom it may concern I take offense of you saying that I’m leaving my trash here, if you bother to check my can is still in my yard, if you have a problem please speak to me directly.

Yes, now I feel better, I have pissed off alley cleaning man.