The Ghetto and me, issue 1

A new little ghetto mart is opening up near the house. I call some of the little mom&pop hole in the wall stores ghetto marts because well, they are so ghetto. Add the prices of a 7-11, the selection of … well not much of a selction, with a sprinkling of liquor store in some cases and you have part of the ghetto mart. The other part is in presentation. All the windows covered with posters for Kool cigarettes, malt liquor, beer, basically things that are bad for your health. Not one inch of window allows you to look in the store. They don’t seem like friendly places to shop.

These places do provide a service. They sell milk and some basics and that’s good when you’re too lazy to walk to the Giant. Yet as a consumer, who when she isn’t lazy has choices, I find these stores insulting. The cashier is behind plexiglass, the service is lacking, I feel that they really don’t want me there.