Crazy Paint

I’m still thinking bold colors. Face it, it doesn’t matter what I do to the back of the house. I could do polka dots, but I don’t think it would look right. But I gotta match the fence.

Maybe I should just do the part that juts out. That I can do myself, sort of. Prime it and then throw on some funky color. Bright yellow and a dark blue door? Too Swedish. No red doors. Red doors are too common. I’ve seen some pretty cool purple doors. There is a super cool door on 8th street near Q street, but that is too …. expensive.

I’ve also thought, painting the individual bricks a different color to create a pattern. Maybe doing something with tile.

But I got to keep in mind nobody is really going to see the back of the house. Nobody except the neighbors and the crackheads who wander through the alley.

I may wait until I go to London and maybe get some ideas there. I like British, not the Victorian colonial type of British style, but modern British style. Maybe they incorporated the crazy African paint style.