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Updated 2/7/06
Contacting InShaw
Although Mari is not the sole writer of the InShaw blog she is still the queen and high head webmistress, so all communications regarding the blog shall be directed towards her.

mari at in shaw period com

Please have a subject line, better yet a precise subject line, something that will help me determine if the mail is not spam without having to open it. Subject lines like “hi” “your blog” and “re:” or “fwd:” lines that I haven’t been a part of are doomed to the trash bin. Can’t think of one? Then use “Truxton Circle” and it will be opened. (warning this open sesame subject line may change if spammers catch on).

Quick Faq:
1. I am not a journalist or “writer”. I’m a librarian and archivist, so press releases may or may not wind up on the main InShaw website. Also requests for me to show up at some media thing or to write for any publication not devoted to librarianship or archives theory may be ignored or rejected because it isn’t my thing.
2. The neighborhood of Shaw in lovely unrepresented Washington, DC is the main focus of this blog. Occasionally, surrounding neighborhoods, and general city living are covered. I don’t do clubs or bars so despite being in Shaw, I ignore them. I also spare readers from some personal stuff besides it’s quite boring anyway.
3. It is all about me. I feel no obligation to write or not write about something because the blog is at its core an expression of my self-centeredness.
4. Comments are allowed or deleted at my discretion. The general rule is put your name or initials behind what you say, no cursing, and please attempt to be respectful of others.
5. Link to what ever. You don’t need my permission to put a link to an article or your blog. Most requests I get tend to be spam anyway so I ignore them without reading them. However if you are a print or broadcaster I would like some heads up.
6. I will link to whomever I darned well please. I generally link to other bloggers whom I have broken bread with or whose blogs I really, really, like. You want to feed me for a link? Email me and let me make a reservation at Café Atlantico or Equinox and I still have to like your blog.
7. The works created on InShaw are written under a creative commons license. If you are a commercial entity and you want to use my pictures or my text beyond whatever falls under ‘fair use’ you have to contact me and get my permission.
8. Other contributors are responsible for their content. Comments will definitely be deleted if there is something illegal in them.
9. Depending on how much e-mail I get I try to answer questions about the neighborhood. If I don’t know, I will tell you I don’t know.
10. If you want to advertise, I’ll take advertisement, but I get to say no if I don’t like it.