In Shaw
In Shaw is my little website that is occasionally abandoned for other interests and then rediscovered when I get inspired to update it, which could be every other blue moon. This is not to be confused with the other excellent sites covering Shaw, hosted by people with more energy than little old me, such as ShawDC.Com .

In Shaw (Now with more gentrification)
Is the blog. The main topics are gentrification, culture clashes between the different races and classes living in Shaw, home repair, home ownership, observations of going ons in the neighborhood, city living, and whatever I feel like posting. I do have other personal blogs where I post things that are only of interest to the people who know and love/loathe me, I will try to spare InShaw readers from any personal information, and post that boring stuff elsewhere.

If you want to advertise on InShaw.com or the blog contact me. So far my rates are a)dinner; b)money equaling that of dinner. All ads must be approved by me.

I am a moderate conservative. Some days a tad liberal, other days quite conservative and the posts may reflect that. On the subject of gentrification I tend to lean to the right, with some sympathies to the victims of gentrification.

Please keep comments short as the current Blogger template likes to cut off posts. If you are a Blogger.com user and logged in your comments should be recognized as you. If you are just a random person PLEASE initial or leave a nickname in your post so I can ID you from one anonymous person from another.
I am sensitive to foul language, long posts, and incoherent rambling that is not my own. I can delete posts at my whim. I have the right to delete them if I really can’t tolerate the idea of words I don’t like sitting on servers I pay to use.

Postings shall occur whenever. They could be once every quarter, month, week, day. As of the Summer of 2004 postings are about 5x a week, with some postings on weekends. As there is just one poster, me, postings can drop off without warning because of vacation, work, or I just don’t have anything to say.

With the exception of the people living directly next door or across the alley to me and in my house I will try to limit descriptions to initials and I will try to be vague. Sometimes I change the gender, location, martial status, sexual orientation, and in rare cases ethnicity to protect the identity of some people. I’ll admit I’m biased in my privacy policy and will name people arrested, suspected drug users/dealers, city employees, politicians and people I decided I don’t like. If you are concerned about what I post, please contact me.

Who am I?
Short: I am your neighbor.
Long: I am a single 30something African American homeowner, federal worker and 5 year resident of Shaw. I began In Shaw.com when I saw there was little in the way of information about the Truxton Circle area of Shaw. Silly me thought I could provide some information. So far the best I can do is post by biased opinions. Oh well.

Lastly, thank you. Thank to all of you who read my blog. I am humbled.