Hanover Civic Association Meeting

I’m posting this here because I got a very recent question about the Hanover Civic Association and my basic answer was ‘Idunno’. The northern half of the TC is Bates, which is what I know more about, the southern half, below P Street is Hanover.

On Thursday, June 25 at 7:00 pm members of the Hanover Civic Association will meet at the Armstrong School to entertain presentations on the recent DC Government decisions providing:
(1) the Cooke School for social, health and after-school programs and housing for 40 families by the Latin American Youth Center, and (2) the potential development of the vacant lot located at the intersection of Q Street and Florida Avenue, NW into 27-units of cooperative housing.

Both projects were presented at the Bates Area Civic Association meetings, but the meeting tomorrow will give us an opportunity to learn more.

Both projects will increase the number of housing units as well as the mix of diversity in our community that many neighbors welcome. However, is the new housing an indication that government is giving our community increased attention? How will the new housing improve our neighborhood? How will it increase the tax base? Will the new housing be compelling enough to spur development of commercial establishments, sit-down restaurants, and retailers along the North Capitol corridor? Will the need for social services increase in the neighborhood? Will the programs be open to current neighbors?

Comissioners Sylvia Pinkney and Anita Bonds