Seven Reasons Restaurant Delivery- Dining at Home Review

We are in the process of moving to Prince Georges’ County and I look forward to seeing if all the things I disliked about the county when I lived there still apply (car-centric culture, crappy county services, etc).  Part of the process is cleaning out the freezer, eating frozen leftovers and ordering out. Last review was for Masseria, an excellent experience at home. Well Seven Reasons, amazingly topped the Masseria experience.

The Delivery Experience

We ordered for dinner to arrive around the time we normally eat. Normally, I look for something Destructo-kid might eat. Depending on things, we might eat with him or we will decide to wait until he’s asleep and have a nice adult dinner, where we can talk to each other about something other than our dear child. I ordered some Cheese Arepitas, just in case there was nothing for him.

Doordash was the deliver. I got a text… I normally don’t use Doordash. I used to have their app on my phone, but took it off when several delivery companies were overcharging restaurants. Got a text to show where my food was. My food wasn’t picked up until I was expecting it to arrive. We’re in Shaw, the food was in Shaw, so the 10 minutes it took to get to our house.

I’m glad I ordered the arepitas because I was not expecting what came in the two boxes.

Hand over QRC code bc camera wanted to go to website

When I opened the box, my first thought was ‘This looks like fun!” And I wasn’t going to have fun with Destructo and his usual demands on mommy. So we set this aside and fed him the arepitas. He ate half of them, along with some leftover salmon and milk. I ate the other half.

And this is why the professionals are professionals and I am not

I like fancy pants dining. It brings me joy. I have eaten at minibar, Pineapples and Pearls, and other such eateries. There is an artistry to the plating of the dishes so that not only is there a feast for the mouth but the eyes as well.

As you may have noticed there are like a zillion little squeeze bottles in the Seven Reasons Pla(y)te kit. The real staff have bigger bottles and know how to use them. Me? It started out fine but then, ‘blurt!’ the fun little design I was trying to copy from their Instagram video went to hell. This was the same for most of the squeeze bottles, it started off fine, but then, something went to heck in a handbasket. But it was cool. I improvised. I trouble shot.

I will do this again. But now that I have this experience behind me, I know what to do differently. For one, I will order for the food to arrive after Destructo is asleep. We reheated things that arrived warm but we room temp by the time we got back to them. The instructions for the lamb were to reheat for 2 minutes, but 30 seconds probably would have worked. The plantains were tough from the airfryer (we don’t use the oven here, for reasons). I will make the desserts first and put them in the fridge, as the lemon tart was kinda melted. I will also check to make sure all the ingredients are there. I couldn’t find one ingredient and later I found it was labeled wrong.

Despite it all, it was fun, it was really fun. Well fun as long as you’re not bent out of shape about all the plastic. We recycled some of the squeeze bottles and decided to keep others. The little cups all went into the trash. There was some clean up because we used our own plates. Oh the plates….

Flat plates, which we did not have, work best. Also, though this is for two persons, you’re sharing one plate. You could divide it into double the number of plates, but that’s more dishes to wash.