Schools in Shaw- Public, Charter, and Private

Believe it or not, there are private schools in Shaw. I found three.

Ujamaa-1554 8th St NW. This is an African-centric school. According to one source, it is a K-9 school. But looking at their alumni testimonials the school did teach at the high school level. Website

Emerson Preparatory– 1816 12th St NW 4th Floor. According to the school’s Wikipedia page it moved to the Shaw neighborhood in 2017, from Dupont Circle. It is a private day high school. Website

St. Augustine Catholic– 1421 V St NW. This is on the north end of Shaw and is the remaining Catholic School, because once upon a time Immaculate Conception at 8th and N had a school. Like Ujamaa, it is predominately African-American. It is a pre-K to 8th grade school. Website

Public Charter
There are several, so this is just a basic list.

City Center-Shaw-711 N St NW. Grades: Pre-K4 to 8. Website
Friendship-Armstrong-111 O St NW. Grades: PK3 to 6. Website
KIPP-Grow-421 P St NW. Grades: Pre-K3 to K. Website
KIPP-Lead-421 P St NW. Grades: 1 to 4. Website
KIPP-Will-421 P St NW. Grades: 5 to 8. Website
Meridian– 2120 13th St NW. Grades: Pre-K3 to 6. Website
Mundo Verde– 30 P St NW. Grades: Pre-K3 to 5. Website

DC Public
These are the DCPS schools physically in the bounds of Shaw, not the schools that service students in Shaw.
Cleveland Elementary– 1825 8th St NW. Grades: Pre-K3 to 5. Website
Dunbar High– 101 N St NW. Grades: 9 to 12. Website
Garrison Elementary-1200 S St NW. Grades: Pre-K3 to 5.  Website
Seaton Elementary– 1503 10th St NW. Grades: Pre-K3 to 5. Website

Did I miss a school?

4 thoughts on “Schools in Shaw- Public, Charter, and Private”

  1. Ah, yes, the lovely Ujamaa Shule, with its broken windows, mysterious people living in the basement, suspiciously dense collection of security cameras at the front door, broken-down van with flat tires parked in the yard that hasn’t moved for years (but which at least no longer has people living in it), visitors constantly illegally parked blocking the already-dangerous intersection, random un-permitted blocking of the street, busted-up ankh on the roof, and the aggressively racist headmaster Baba Zulu setting a fine example for the vulnerable young children under his care. Not to mention that a full quarter of its academic curriculum seems to center around djembe drumming instruction.
    …At least the kids are adorable and most of the parents are quite friendly.

    1. Ray M. is that you from the dead? Has your spectral form gathered enough energy to get into the Interwebs to reach out from beyond the grave to me to b!tch about something in the hood?
      I miss you.

      1. Ha! We could use some of Ray’s speaking-truth-to-power around here these days. RIP.

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