MAR Location Fun

The DC Goverment has given us a lovely toy, weeeee! The District of Columbia Master Adress Repository has a cool feature… pictures. I plugged in 424 Q Street NW, which is up for sale but has no picture. So in addition to the location information, there is a tiny thumbnail photo of the house in question. Click on the tumbnail and there is a larger pix. The one for 424 Q St NW has a guy hanging out in the front…. nice.
Hat tip to Imgoph of Bloomingdale (for now).

3 thoughts on “MAR Location Fun”

  1. keep your eye on 424 Q. Some disreputable landlords have been known to put property up for sale solely in order to avoid being assessed at the vacant rate. Not saying this is the case here, but the place needs tons of work (It’s been posted stop work by DCRA and hazardous by fire marshal) and it has been put up for sale in this market at $725K.
    Mark B.

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