For ANC 5C-01 Citizens- Anita wants to hear from you

Okay, I just got this. Our 5C-01 leader Anita Bonds wants to know our feelings regarding what’s happening over in Trinidad. I’m guessing some of my fellow TC citizens citizens might have demanded that we have the same thing over here (I have an image in my head of a few whos who would have done so). I’ve cut out her phone number and home address, but left the email. So if you are in 5C-01 (most of the TC) please contact Anita.
My own feelings are mixed. Libertarian me, totally against it. Car-less me, enjoys the idea of drivers gettin’ hassled.

Dear Neighbors,
Please see article below. What is your opinion on this action taken by MPD to secure the Trinidad community?
Do you agree with the action taken?
Do you feel that the action is a solution to the problem of “outsiders” coming into a community to murder residents?
Are there other ways for MPD and city officials to stem the rising murder rate at the community level?

Please provide your responses/ideas to me by Monday, June 16, 2008 so that they can be incorporated into a draft plan of action for implementation in our community that as ANC Commissioner, I am working on along with James Berry, President of the Bates Area Civic Association, government officials and community resource providers for immediate implementation in our community. The continuing issue of community crime, murders, robberies and assault must be handled more effectively than the actions taken by authorities in the past months/years. In addition to residents and community stakeholders getting involved and cooperating with law enforcement, US Attorney’s Office, CSOSA, etc., our community needs an action plan that all law abiding citizens will be informed of and hopefully, will commit to follow. As community members, we can work with law enforcement, social services, other stakeholders and institutions, and our civic groups to fashion such a plan in a short period of time. But your input is required. Please let me know what you think on this critical matter.

Further, there are service requests and or outstanding issues requiring updates — speed bumps applications, residential parking, limiting pedestrian access to rear of homes located in dark hiding places, keeping the grass in front and (rear) of our homes cut/trimmed, recycling and picking up our waste left in the alleyways, placing our house number on the rear of our dwellings or gates (for Fire protection), installing smoke detectors in the home, effectiveness of home alarms, status of brick sidewalk in front of your home, street noise at 2AM, etc.. Additionally, there are a number of economic development projects and construction occurring in the area that you might want to comment on. I’d like to hear your point of view on these development activities as well. If there is a specific project you want information on, please let me know via e-mail or phone by Monday, June 16 so I can get appropriate answers and or the necessary speaker to attend the Single Member District Meeting I am convening on June 25, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church (corner of 3rd and Q Streets, NW). The agenda includes:
Crime Fighting Draft Plan Review and Approval Vote
Development and the Affects on Our Neighborhood
You can reach me at 550-XXXX, by e-mail: dcbonsa[at]yahoo[period]com
I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks in advance for your interest and cooperation,
Anita Bonds, ANC5C01 Commissioner

2 thoughts on “For ANC 5C-01 Citizens- Anita wants to hear from you”

  1. “Trust but verify”

    Handguns are illegal in the D of C, which is partially why I don’t have one.

    So why does it seem that everyone else does? Especially dewds driving through in their hoopties with tinted windows and Maryland plates?


  2. ivy city is worse than trinidad and the area near bethesda baptist church…well i feel sorry for the longtime residents because now the strip clubs are moving in and you know how wonderful they are for the quality of life.


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