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There is a, er, discussion, going on over on the Eckington Listserv about historic districting. And it was funny re-reading my words as one of my old posts was used as part of the argument against HDs. Although I love history, and I’m truly blessed to work in a history field, I strongly believe that history has its place and it should not always be dominate. I also take issue with a push for HDs motivated by something other than an actual historical narrative that has some meaning and value outside of the place in question. Upper-middle class aesthetics (and a inaccurate view of the past based on romantic notions) to me do not justify the extra complication of an HD on the homeowner or landlord.

Gentrification and Historic Preservation:
Part 1— Intro
Part 2– This Old House vs Old House Journal
Part 2a
Part 2B
Part 3— When it is Right

Why don’t we make the whole d@mned District Historic and get it over with– Really what isn’t ‘historic’ or old in this city.

Still Anti-Historic District– Read the comments about the windows.

Rob Goodspeed has a great post on the topic of DC Historic Districts and the Architecture of Gentrification.