Les Petit Chanteurs

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Know know I get emails about events, and since I don’t really post well on command I just copy & paste them to the main InShaw.com site (provided I actually read them on time and they don’t get caught by the filter). So I’m back reading the post about the event I’ve attended today and wondering if the wonderfulness of it all appeared in the announcement at all.
I attended St. George’s on the 100 block of U, because I didn’t get up in time to bike to my usual church, and to my surprise Les Petits Chanteurs, musicians from Haiti, where going to be there. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, because it was posted, and in theory I did read it.
A person of note appeared there, and I’m being vague because when notable person left, said person said something to me on the way out and I have no clue what was said because I was busy reciting. My mouth was open and the ears were closed. So I’m going to cover myself on the oft chance the person said, don’t post this.
The choir of Les Petits Chanteurs was great and really made my worship experience awesome and after church when they arrived at the market, they made my neighborhood experience even more so awesome. Also making the market experience awesome, Carolina BBQ. Free Carolina BBQ. You guys said BBQ, but I wasn’t clear on what kind. Chopped vinegared pork is some of the best kind.
I guess credit for this wonderful Sunday morning and afternoon should go to Councilman Harry Thomas Jr., the organizers of the Bloomingdale Farmer’s market, and the gaggle of Davenports (Lana, ANC Stu, Stu’s dad, and Stu’s Grandma) who made this cultural event possible.
See my flickr page for more pix of the event.

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