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Home– Well I have invited a few of you over to take a look at the house. Some of you have made it over, some, not. For whatever reason you haven’t stopped by to visit here is the short picture tour.

– Purslane. You’d think something labeled as a weed would be flourishing. But nooooo. A few weeks after taking purslane found on the streets and sidewalks of Shaw and transplanting them into happy little pots, they just, I don’t know. The leaves looked like something attacked them. I was thinking the flies, maybe something to do with water on the leaves and the scorching heat. But maybe, they hate pots. So I’m transplanting them to the front yard where they have to take whatever nature can give ‘e because the handle on the spigot is broken.

7 thoughts on “Home and Garden”

  1. That was no little job, are you liking the rezsults? The stairs turned out nice and the floors too.


  2. nice colors although i would have selected a different color for your bathroom… i would have selected ralph loren RL 22014 Oyster.

  3. AB- Yes, I’m now liking the house. David the Contractor did a great job with giving me a canvas to work with.

    rr446- To each their own. I posted a few more pictures of the 1/2 bath. I wanted to get dramatic with color so I went with a jewel blue. It is balanced, I think, with the white tile floor. Also there were colors I wanted to see in the house, a white, a red (wound up pink), a blue, black and green.
    I also wanted to get as far away from antique white and its lame neutral friends, without getting too wild. I’ve had to live with antique white (off white) for 6 years. The whole house was antique white, ceiling, trim, every stinking wall when I bought it. I’m sick of antique white. I love the variety of colors (thought the kitchen and the front bedroom are the same, RL Plateau), they bring out the differences.
    Also not bad, I think, for a house mainly furnished with stuff from IKEA. Part of me was fearful of returning to the post-grad student look. But I can do classic, and not entirely copy the Pottery Renovation Hardware Pier 1 Barn catalog. Entirely.

  4. oh ok half bath..didnt know how many there were. some people get very defensive when suggestions are made over the internet, like take it personally. what i like about RL 22014 is it’s pearlescent and metallic finish that creates a shimmering effect. funny you should mention those catalogues because i’ve never seen one. hahahaa but u are right to each his own.

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