Last night round 9ish PM I came home noticing 5 police cruisers in the parking lot of GG Market on the 1500 block of New Jersey NW. Anyone know anything? Please tell me it was an impromptu PSA 501 meeting and not what I think it could be.

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  1. I’ve been noticing a lot more congregation down there recently… things seem to have shifted south. Maybe it was just a fight or something?

  2. At 8:45, there were three or four fire trucks there as well, and Q Street was closed between 5th and New Jersey.

  3. I drank a swig of Diet Coke too soon after snorting a line of Pop Rocks while in G&G. The soda shot out of my nose all over the front counter and they called the cops on me.

    No one was hurt.

  4. Hi – Stumbled across your blog while looking for Shaw websites and info. I live between 5th and New Jersey on Q. Having grown up in Midwestern suburbia, I generally try to stay inside when the fire trucks come to my block (where I come from, fire trucks on your street mean BIG danger), but my partner, who grew up in urban Boston, has the immediate need to run outside and SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING. So, around 8:45, we went outside and stood on the corner to watch. About 6 fire trucks showed up, and 15 firemen ran around investigating the house on New Jersey that actually did have a fire last year (the one a few doors down from that house-front church). Five minutes later, they all packed up and left. Perhaps it was a false alarm? Strangely enough, I saw three very nicely-dressed people being showed around the house (it is for sale) about an hour before that.

    Got to love the constant intrigue in Shaw!

    Jimbo, I checked out your blog and realized that you are my downstairs neighbor, dude.

  5. Catania Bakery was robbed this morning, went there around 9 am, to pick up some fresh bread, but they weren’t letting customers in. Police were still there, apparently it had been robbed a couple of hours earlier. Luckily, all the staff were fine (from what I heard).


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