Renovation 2007: Gardening is a pain

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Everyone says this renovation thing must be driving me crazy. Well, not crazy. Concerned. Concerned about staying on budget. I’m almost resigned to the idea that I won’t have enough to hook up the AC. But the thing that is nearing crazy is not being in my garden.
Some plants are hanging in there. Watering is a problem, mainly when your contractor turns off the water, and somehow decides the pipe going to your backyard spigot was not really used for anything. It got worse as the weather warmed up. The plants in the smaller pots dried out faster and I think the dryness caused the cilantro and the onions to bolt. There are a bunch of alpine strawberries in an old DC recycling bin that have gotten along just fine without me.

6 thoughts on “Renovation 2007: Gardening is a pain”

  1. Just writing to let you know I’m reading. Sorry you are having to miss the prime early gardening time. Maybe you’ll be able to plant some things to harvest later this fall.

    You’re townhouse is coming along quickly.

  2. Maybe the birds and wildlife are enjoying your garden… meanwhile, the house (in the photo album) looks terrific! What about neighbors with a hose? Or mega-mulch? This Memorial Day I got to see a finished sweat-equity house with glowing wood floors, beautiful light from skylights, and a huge dose of hope to anyone who’s in the midst of a project now.

  3. There is one water source in the house. I just fill up the watering can.
    I do have 2 tomato plants going and saw some beans in the front yard (result of mt ‘surprise me’ gardening strategy), as well as some Swiss Chard. It will be better when the construction crew is closer to done and I can threaten to move back in.

  4. Yes, I am entirely dependant on the watering can. I’ve got beans, peppers (bell and hot), lettuce, herbs, tomato plants, squash, zucchini, cucumber, sedum, vines, bushes, roses, and many flowers. It can be a bit much at times. Lots of watering. Luckily I also have a roommate willing (for a bit of a rent discount) to feed the cat and water when I’m away. I just returned from 10 days away and nothing is dead! not bad. Also, did you make the Market meetingf last night?

  5. “threaten” to move back in? Is that how one gets contractors to hurry up?

  6. No I did not get to the meeting on the FL Ave Market.
    And once I get a working toilet in the house there is no reason for me not to live there. There is one room where I can hole myself up in, now that I have walls.

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