Renovation 2007: Community Forklift

I’m shopping for stuff for the house. Not furnishings but things like the tub, sinks, tile, etc. Things that reflect my tastes and budget. And that means running around to Home Despot, Lowes, and IKEA for some things and the Brass Knob and Community Forklift for older home items.
For things like clawfoot tubs and radiators I compared Brass Knob and Community Forklift. Brass Knob wins the beauty contest, but with my budget I’m looking at CF. 100_0142Clawfoots at the BK start at $450 for the ones sitting outside and at $850 for the nice re-glazed ones. At CF all the tubs sit outside and range from $200-$400 depending on how dinged up they are and if they have feet. The one pictured here had $400 taped on it and came with feet. It didn’t have any dings in the tubby part of the tub, the feet weren’t rusty and really there wasn’t a lot the tub needed. There was another tub that had a ding or two on the lip and had rusty feet and it was listed as $250 with feet.
It has been a while since I priced radiators at the BK. Off the top of my head they were something like $9 a fin. I did get a price from CF which was like 1/2 that depending on size. Plain was @ 19″ high $4 per fin, then 26″ $5 per fin and 36″ $6 per fin and the fancy just add $4.50 per fin over the plain price.
Unlike BK, CF had insulation, the denim kind. If you need more the fellow working there said he had more in the back.

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  1. yes! second chance is massive & they even have some surplus modern fixtures too. Its like 4 warehouses. got some nice iron for my window there.

  2. If you ever go out to Skyline Drive (beautiful this time of year) there is a big outdoor-type Brass Knob-slash-junkyard with tubs, windows, etc, right on 211West between Warrenton and Amissville. I’ve always meant to stop by to see how much their clawfoots are as there are a bunch of them. It’s on the left as you’re heading out. After, you can go to ECOW for the best BLT and french fries on the east coast. Even if the prices aren’t what you want it might make a nice daytrip.

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