Wifi, and farmers, and bears! Oh my!

Over on the Eckington Listserv there is a flutter of hope about the corner of 1st and R Sts NW. Hopefully in a few weeks ANC Stu will open up Big Bear Cafe. ANC Stu also wants wi-fi. But the big thing that has everyone aflutter is the drive to get a farmers market on that little strip of R St that is between 1st and Florida. It would be a perfect staging area for an open air market, when the cafe opens.
This interests me and probably folks in the northern end of the TC because this is right on the border between Eckington and the 1973 boundaries of Shaw.
The chatter on the listserv is contacting the Stu crew about helping with the market. Apparently some emails got lost, or more than likely buried (with me its the spam filter, which is why you should have a decent subject line). So if you want to help ANC Stu contact him at his gmail account at studavenport@ .

7 thoughts on “Wifi, and farmers, and bears! Oh my!”

  1. mari, got to ask a quick question. the shaw map that you linked to in this post…it shows 13th street lanes going through logan circle, kind of like how it used to be on thomas circle. i’ve seen this on another map somewhere, and i always thought it was just a mistake. now, i’m wondering, does anyone know if there really was a situation in logan akin to thomas, or are there a bunch of stupid cartographers out there (and trust me, i know me some stupid cartographers!)

  2. I’d rather have a Sanborn map or other historical map in front of me but my 1890ish tourist map shows a solid circle.

  3. A friend who has lived in the Logan Circle area for over 30 years has mentioned in the past that indeed, Logan Circle used to have express lanes for 13th Street cutting across the circle.

  4. charles,

    i tried to leave another comment on here for a couple days, but blogger was being a pain in the ass. anyway, do you know where i could find some photos or something of the express lanes in logan circle? i would love to be able to see what that looked like.

  5. Yes, Blogger comments, pain in the butt.
    I’d check out the Washingtonia collection at the Martin Luther King Library and hopefully you’ll get a helpful library staff person who can point you in the direction of pictures of the circle or maps from 30 years ago. I haven’t been in the Historical Society’s archive/library for a while, but their staff is very, very helpful.

  6. alright, Mari, will do! thanks for the advice. i guess i should have thought of that earlier, but i’m lazy, so i was looking for the quick way out. 🙂

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