I just got the following announcement:

The Howard Theatre–
Yesterday and Tomorrow!

Saturday, February 24

3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Carnegie at Mount Vernon Square
801 K Street, NW
(enter on K Street)
Gallery Place and Mount Vernon Square Metro Stops

The Circulator Bus stops at 9th and K


· Mercedes Ellington
· Historic pictures
· Plans for the restoration of the theatre
· Remembrances from those who played at and reported on the Howard Theatre
· Music by the Washington Jazz Arts Institute,
· Davey Yarborough, Director
· Shaw Jr. High School Concert Band, Wesley Hoover, Band Director
· Remembrances from the audience


Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
Howard Theatre Restoration, Inc.
National Music Center & Museum Foundation
Washington Jazz Arts Institute
Shaw Main Streets, Inc.
WPFW Radio 89.3 FM

RSVP so we can plan for numbers: 202-383-1837 or RSVP@historydc.org

Sadly, the Howard Theater is one of many projects I have heard plans for years ago. At least 2-3 years have passed since I’ve heard from the last person with plans. There were plans for the O Street Market back when it had a roof. There are plans for the Armstrong School over here in the TC and still nada. I know it takes time for these things to come to be and there are setbacks, but after hearing about plan after plan, I get jaded. I lose the faith and become a Doubting Thomas. I will not believe till I see scaffolding, construction crews working regularly, trucks blocking alleys, and other signs of the resurrection of place.
I know. Stuff happens, money needs to be raised, costs go up, permits are hard to come by, community groups must be met with, markets change and agreements must be had. However, after a certain amount of time, with very little visible progress, it is hard to keep believing and taking things on faith.

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  1. ANC 2C01 Commissioner Alex Padro reported today that DC Gov is finalizing the lease with a developer for the Howard Theater. The event will include a presentation of plans for its revitalization.

  2. The O Street Market thing is moving. Includes condos and underground parking, as well as the grocery part. And very serious discussions of “traffic calming” on the Ninth Street side, at least in the community.

    Don’t know the exact schedule (I should have listened), but it is moving.

    Blagden Alley

  3. And Big Bear Cafe still not open. But I did see progress. I got really excited when I passed by a couple of days ago to the sight of chairs stacked up near the brand spankin’ new cafe windows. I must say those are some handsome windows. When I peaked in the window I saw that work was still going on so it may be awhile longer before it opens.
    But as far as the other projects, I need to see construction crews before I begin to hope.

  4. Here’s your construction proof for O street… a few weeks back, what looked to be bricklayers were reinforcing and leveling off the tops of the remaining walls. They then capped it with some sort of red trim. Not much, but its a start.

    From what I recall from Dec.’s ANC2C circus/meeting, official ground-breaking is targeted for 08′.

    Also, if you need reasons why development is coming, Shaw Rez has a bunch of good ones: http://remakingleslumhistorique.blogspot.com/2007/02/why-development-hasnt-and-isnt-skipping.html

    As a relative Shaw newbie, I’ve got a lot a faith yet. I’ll lend you some (faith) if you ever need it.

  5. I do wonder… does it make a difference when we (neighbors) are really longing for a particular project to happen? Is there some kind of cosmic force? Or does it come down to bribing the construction site manager (if that even works…) For example, on my corner in CH, there’s a derelict and abandoned corner brick building with great southern and western exposures. One morning, I looked out and saw a huge yellow dumpster out in the street, and a young guy and a few friends throwing things into the dumpster! But then those guys vanished, leaving no trace of anything different happening. Is there some way to let them know the neighbors really care — to speed on their work?

    By the way, Mari, my employer’s web connection is blocking me from leaving comments on your site – but am so glad to hear you’re warm again! I’ve been wanting to reply to posts, but it seems I’ve been silenced…

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