Another car crash

Accident at P and NJ
Originally uploaded by In Shaw.

They are probably still out there and I don’t know the story. But there were at least 2 squad cars on NJ Ave near P around a crashed car. I didn’t see a lot in the road and traffic was moving so I’m going to guess that it was one of those things that you walk away from.
Absolutely unrelated….. My neighbor’s rock!
I found a wine I liked at the Italian store, Litteri’s, and when I last went looking for it the guy told me that the distributor no longer carried it and there was no more. I was bummed and said if he happened to find another bottle tell my neighbor who works behind the deli counter (or the kids who work in the store too). Well tonight one of the neighbor’s sons comes knocking on my door with the last bottle of the San Giuseppe Prosecco from the store!