When candidates attack!

When candidates attack!
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Okay folks you gotta couple more hours to vote. Unless you’re B. and have decided not to vote because you don’t like any of the candidates and you want to complain about living in a 1 party city.
Just so you know there is a small legion of people desperate for your vote (or desperate to get rid of all that time sensitive election paper) ready to pounce on you with their campaign literature. When you get near to the school make a mad dash for the red door with the white sign, duck and weave if you need to.

3 thoughts on “When candidates attack!”

  1. When I went to vote this morning, there was a cluster of about four people handing out flyers I’d already received in the mail. They were all hovering around this sidewalk segment in the parking lot. I very obviously walked around them, and yet still they tried to get me to take one.

  2. In defense of the attackers, I spent several hours today at the polling place handing out flyers and it is a somewhat nasty job in the rain. I was handing out flyers for a write-in ANC commissioner race (both candidates were write-ins), and since only one side actually bothered to pass out flyers pre-election day (and that was a few weeks back) there was probably a good chance people didn’t know tha name of the candidates. So, while it’s pretty crappy to vote for who you vote for because of a little manuvering with flyers outside the door, sometimes it is what keeps the seat from being open. But yeah, I usually avoid those flyer people too.

  3. I arrived at Dunbar at about 5:20PM, and Candidate Fenty was standing outside to the left of the entry doors. All eyes were on him – so I made it into the building without being approached.

    Let’s hope Fenty remains as useful during his term as he was this election night.

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