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I got a $10 Ben’s Chili Bowl gift certificate that’s going to expire in January so I gotta give it away, so I’m going to have a contest. Here are the rules:
1. Look at the 2C race.
2. Predict the winners.
3. Do the same with at least one 5C contested seat(this is the tie breaker in case I have multiple winners).
4. Email me at mari at inshaw period com before 3pm with your selections.
Didn’t feel like creating a new post so I’m taping this to it. On the Mt. Vernon Listserv, how the ANC elections relate to your pooch:

Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 9:14 PM
To: dogsofgreatershaw@ yahoogroups. com
Subject: [dogsofgreatershaw] An Election That Affects You and Your Dog

The D.C. mayoral election may be a foregone conclusion, but on Tuesday, November 7, there is one contest that might affect us even more — the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C race.

The current chair of ANC 2C, Leroy Thorpe, has proven to be a divisive voice in the community — and has flatly stated to one of our group members that no dog park will ever be established in our neighborhood as long as he is chairman. Opposing him is Kevin Chapple, an African-American attorney and civic activist, who supports the notion of a dog park, and has actively sought our support.

Two of Thorpe’s allies on the ANC are also seeking reelection — Doris Brooks and Barbara Curtis. John Tinpe and Richard Rogers are running against them. Tinpe is the co-owner of the Chinatown restaurant Burma and chair of Mayor Williams’ Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs. Rogers is an interior design consultant and community activist.

The one Commissioner deserving reelection is Alex Padro (who also happens to be a member of our Yahoo group). Alex has and continues to do so much for our community — too much to describe in this short note (but check out his campaign literature). And importantly for us, he has encouraged our efforts to establish a dog park. He is being opposed by Mary Sutherland, a Thorpe supporter.

I encourage you to vote, and I encourage you to get your neighbors and friends to vote. It could easily come down to a handful that makes the difference.


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  1. FYI folks, here’s a copy of the flyer I’ve been distributing around ANC SMD 2C02.

    Leroy Thorpe vs. Kevin Chapple for ANC 2C Commissioner
    Do you know them? Who will represent you best?

    Dear Neighbor,

    I want to share some facts (to the best of my knowledge) about the candidates in this race, and my opinion about which one will work better for our ANC. I am writing as one citizen to another. I am not part of either candidate’s campaign, nor do I represent any organization.

    Our ANC has a yearly budget of about $10,000 of our taxes to spend on public benefits to the ANC area. Leroy Thorpe says that the budget cannot afford to produce flyers for all residents on ANC activities, which is ridiculous. He pays for the flyers himself, and claims that this justifies his refusal to deliver flyers to certain people. The 2003-2005 audit shows that the ANC did not establish priorities for annual spending. It also shows that over 50% of the budget was spent on iron tree boxes. Are tree boxes ANC 2C’s greatest need? As ANC Chairman and Secretary, Mr. Thorpe should have made a budget, and prioritized telling us about ANC activities.

    Many people feel that Leroy Thorpe is responsible for reducing violence and drug dealing in this ANC single member district (2C02). His “red hat patrol” (COPE), confronts drug dealers and patrols streets in 2C02 every week. Whether re-elected or not, Mr. Thorpe can continue to serve ANC 2C02 as the head of COPE.

    Mr. Thorpe’s aggressive communication style, while effective at intimidating drug dealers, is not suitable for conducting ANC business. He has insulted residents, elected officials, and city workers, including police officers. He is divisive to the black community when he labels individuals “Uncle Toms” and “House Negroes.” He has publicly expressed hostility to newcomers, Jews, whites, and gay people. Even if you agree with Mr. Thorpe 100%, recognize that the ANC has to work with all kinds of people. Why would people want to cooperate with our ANC when they have been offended by its Chairman?

    Kevin Chapple has shown good communication skills in his campaign, both in person and via his website. He has said ”I am open to everyone….I have an ear to listening to their problems no matter who they are. Whether they support me or not, I will be there for them.” I believe these are signs that he would communicate well between the city and ANC 2C02 residents.

    Mr. Chapple has not specified his priorities for the ANC budget. His main campaign position is that he will pay attention to all constituents’ concerns. His previous community involvement has been as a volunteer, but not an organizational leader. This indicates to me that he would be the kind of public servant who focuses on serving his whole constituency, not a particular agenda.

    I see serious problems with Leroy Thorpe’s performance as ANC Commissioner; Kevin Chapple is relatively unknown, but seems likely to do better. Since Mr. Thorpe’s ability to fight crime does not depend on his holding elected office, why not give Mr. Chapple a try?

    Ruth Wielgosz (Marion St.)

    Sources: “Incoming Fire,” Washington City Paper 8/27/06; “Ward 2 News” DC North 11/06; “From the Bottom Up” Metro Weekly 11/2/06; http://www.leroythorpe.com/leroy.html;

  2. I got received about how these elections affect our dogs via the Dogs f Greater Shaw list serve (Which I signed up for after moving to the area last spring ago searching online for where the closest dog park was… silly me, I moved here from Seattle where they are in every neighborhood!).

    I’ve got to say- that was the primary reason I voted in Tuesday’s election. What kind of crazy person says “no dog parks as long as I’m in office”??

    My husband is in Iraq, my place has been broken into TWICE since moving here, and still, my biggest concern for this years election? Dog Parks.

    Long story short: thanks for sharing that post.

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