PSA 501

PSA 312 is gone.




No more.

Some of the neighbors went to Jack Evans to complain, but I knew it was too late cause if people had been going to the boring PSA 312 meetings, or the Bates Street Civic Association (slightly less boring), they would have known.

So now we have PSA 501, which is big. It includes a lot of NE DC. It has Catholic U, Trinity, the Hospitals, some other large campus of some sort, Eckington, Truxton, and that other stuff on the other side of North Cap.

At the meeting the cops were talking big. We’ll see. That’s my view. Right now my big thing is getting the kids off the R and 4th corner. Some neighbors attributed the crowd of kids on the corner to the arrival of Dramma Mamma. Well I can’t blame her or her son entirely. There were people hanging out on that corner before her. Just now, they are younger.

Well, if I see them I will try to remember to call 911 when they start fighting with each other.