Realtors on Crack
I’ve been looking at what’s for sale in my section of Shaw. And I must say someone has been smoking some serious crack when they thought of the prices for some of the homes.
Let’s look shall we.

MLS #:DC4805985 – 611 S St.- I pass it all the time. It is close to the metro, about one block, so yes, that counts for something. But 335K? It’s a little wooden detached (it’s wood, everything else is brick) with no basement. Nothing special about the house, slightly on the ugly side. I remember when it was around 100K 3 years ago.

MLS #:DC4795165 – 1254 NJ Ave. It’s short, it’s got a big front, it’s $695K. Over half a million dollars and you’re still in the hood! On a busy street… over 1/2 a mil, crazy crack.

MLS #:DC4790758 -1718 4th St- On a block I don’t even like walking down in the daytime. Nearly 1/2 a mil at $485K. Yes, nice rehab, but for that price?

Serious. Crack.