Across the alley

Maxine is at it again. I was in the front of the house, watching a DVD when the yelling from across the alley (windows up now, can hear more) got me up. I figured I should check it out since it was SOOOOO loud, maybe someone is getting beat up. Dunno.

Anyway, I listen and the best I can figure, they were chasing something. A rat? Gerbil? Pet lizard? Then it all settled down.

The house across the alley is loud. I would love to not know about things but can’t help it when it is soo frickin loud I can pretty much catch the whole conversation. This weekend there was some ruckus about a dream she had confirming her suspicions that her man (husband? boyfriend?) was cheating on her with a white woman. I heard a bit of him, but his volume did not match hers.

The noise from the other side of the alley I’m used to. I’ll go out on the patio to water the plants, try to nap or fix something and I’ll hear what’s going on in the other house. Ricky is always in trouble. I don’t know who Ricky is, but his name gets yelled a lot. I don’t call the police. I don’t hear anything that would make me think there is abuse, deafness, but not abuse.