Broken Window Syndrome

Okay not like I haven’t tried.

There is a car.

An abandoned car. It has been sitting on the corner since Christmas. Now good citizen that I am, have alert City to said car. City tickets car in January. Car still there. City tickets car in February. Car still there. Now it had been sitting there not really bothering anyone so no big rush to get it moved.

Then they broke the window. I’m blaming the neighborhood teens for this. I have no proof but I’m blaming them anyways. After 2 months of sitting, not bothering anyone, they broke the passenger side window. Why? The car was unlocked. So that meant I had to increase efforts to get car moved.

The next week they (teens) broke the windshield trying to smash it in. I’m wondering at what point will the car be set on fire.

Now people will pass by and see the car and think that we don’t care about the neighborhood because we let an abandoned car sit on the road. We do care, the City apparently doesn’t.