Oh Joy

I was walking on S Street to the Shaw metro, not my usual route, but I had to drop something off at the Post Office on Florida, and saw them. Two wood art deco pieces of furniture, sitting on the sidewalk. I looked at them. They had all their drawers. One was a chest the other was a ….. about 3 ft tall, one drawer on top, a cabinet door… I debated about being late for work, getting a Flexcar and grabbing them and taking them home. I looked at my Palm for the time, I had missed the early train and I’d be 30-1hr late if I went to the R Street side for the car…. So I grabbed the little piece and dragged into the metro system.

It’s here with me at work. Getting it home might be a bitch. Getting it in the building and through security was a new one.

It is so cute. It has a glass door knob. It does have water damage on the top and sections of that wood will need replacing, the paint job is shot too.

But I’m happy.