kitchen and house

Kitchen & house

Been doing the kitchen. Well the contractor has been doing the kitchen. The only thing that needs to be done is the countertop, the sink instillation and the DW hookup. Right now I’m discovering the joys of microwave cooking (4 years without a microwave can you believe it?), the heated floor and a room that looks like it wasn’t designed by crack heads.

Which brings me to the house. I’m in the kitchen, enjoying what costs me a butt load of money. It’s modern, it’s sleek, it makes the most of the little space that it is and it has few if any ugly to it. Gone is the boxed in pipe and the non-cabinet. Gone, the odd space between the cabinet and the wall. Gone are the visable pipes. Pure crack head design, ugly and makes no sense. So when I leave my lovely kitchen I move the rest of the house and mutter, “crack heads.”

The dining room has this fake wall that is hiding pipes, but juts out from the wall it is on, looking like it is hiding something…. but you don’t know what. 1/2 bath juts out wierd too. Floor is very uneven, Wall between living room and dining room runs very close to stairs making it difficult to move large things in and out. Top it off with a lot of ugly…. Some is age. But the modern design stuff, makes no sense. It looks as if they really didn’t want it to look nice.

I’m thinking I’m going to have to redo the house. 1st and 2nd levels. As soon as I stop hemmoraging money.